Webinar am 16.03.2021

Green Finance going global: Solution or trap?

Banks, international financial institutions, politicians and some civil society actors have a new favourite: Green Finance. They assume green finance key to solving global environmental problems such as climate change. What are the consequences? Does Green Finance indeed contribute to a socio-ecological transformation? Will it end the highly unequal overuse of global environmental resources? Will it simply help to enrich the wealthier further? The recently published special issue of the Journal für Entwicklungspolitik deals with these questions and focusses on the impact of Green Finance on the global South and on Europe. Authors and commentators from civil society discuss the findings and show how alternative approaches to dominant neoliberal forms of Green Finance should be shaped.





Martina Neuwirth (VIDC Vienna, Mattersburger Kreis)



Samuel Decker (Pluralist Economists Network, Germany)

Johannes Jäger (University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna)

Lama Tawakkol (Queens University, Canada)

Yuliya Yurchenko (University of Greenwich)



Anna Hehenberger (Momentum Institute, Vienna)

Oscar Reyes (Transnational Institute, Amsterdam)


An event realized by Mattersburger Kreis, Paulo Freire Zentrum, VIDC, Momentum Institut, Fachhochschule des BFI Wien and with support from Arbeiterkammer Wien.

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