Chairwoman: Martina Neuwirth
Cashier: Johannes Jäger

Secretary: Gerald Faschingeder

Deputy of the Chairwoman: Sebastian Linder
Deputy Secretary: Johannes Knierzinger
Deputy Treasurer:  Lukas Schmidt


Co-opted member: Julia Eder

Members of the Extended Board (without voting rights):

Franz Gmainer-Pranzl

Karin Fischer

Stefanie Hürtgen
Melanie Pichler
Gilbert Ahamer


Sebastian Luckeneder
Jonathan Scalet

Austrian Journal of Development Studies - JEP


The Austrian Journal of Development Studies - JEP is one of the leading academic journals for questions of development theory and policy in German-speaking countries. The aim of the JEP is to provide a forum for broad critical discussion and reflection on various dimensions of social development in the Global South and North. It also explores the relationship between theoretical developments in the field of development research and specific development policy processes. Socially relevant knowledge about development problems and development policy is analysed from an interdisciplinary perspective and made accessible. All contributions are reviewed anonymously (double-blind, peer-reviewed). The articles are published in English or German.


In the last 34 years, the journal has produced more than 140 special issues with over 700 articles. While efforts in the 1980s focused primarily on strengthening development issues in scientific research, the 1990s were increasingly oriented towards a more general development policy and aimed at target groups outside universities. Since 2016, the JEP has also been available in a digital format.



Editorial team


Tobias Boos, Alina Brad, Eric Burton, Julia Eder, Nora Faltmann, Gerald Faschingeder, Karin Fischer, Daniel Fuchs, Daniel Görgl, Inge Grau, Markus Hafner-Auinger, Johannes Jäger, Bettina Köhler, Johannes Korak, Magdalena Kraus, Franziska Kusche, Bernhard Leubolt, Sebastian Luckeneder, Clemens Pfeffer, Stefan Pimmer, Jonathan Scalet, Nicolas Schlitz, Lukas Schmidt, Gregor Seidl, Anselm Skuhra, Koen Smet, Marcela Torres Heredia
Board of Editors

Henry Bernstein (London), Patrick Bond (Johannesburg), Dieter Boris (Marburg), John-ren Chen (Innsbruck), Hartmut Elsenhans (Leipzig), Jacques Forster (Genève), John Friedman (St. Kilda), Peter Jankowitsch (Wien), Franz Kolland (Wien), Helmut Konrad (Graz), Uma Kothari (Manchester), Ulrich Menzel (Braunschweig), Jean-Philippe Platteau (Namur), Dieter Rothermund (Heidelberg), Alfredo Saad-Filho (London), Dieter Senghaas (Bremen), Heribert Steinbauer (Wien), Osvaldo Sunkel (Santiago de Chile)



Production Manager

Clemens Pfeffer

T +43 1 317 40 17 610



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