Montag 22. Mai 2017
Volume XXXIII • Issue 2 • 2017

Social Innovation and the Transformation of Welfare States

Schwerpunktredaktion: Bernhard Leubolt, Carla Weinzierl


The concept of social innovation has gained prominence in the international policy making community throughout the last ten years, particularly in the European Union. It is highly ambiguous with blurring boundaries. It includes fields as diverse as fair trade, distance learning, hospices, urban farming, waste reduction and restorative justice. The articles in this special issue deal with social innovation in a territorial development perspective. They ask the question of potentials and limits of social innovations to foster social development, with special focus on the potential contribution of social innovations to improve social policies.




Bernhard Leubolt, Carla Weinzierl

Social Innovation to Foster Social Development?

Fabio Colombo, Tatiana Saruis
Social Innovation and the Local Welfare

Carla Weinzierl

Intercultural Education to Foster Equality in Diversity

Pieter Cools
Looking for a Mutually Enforcing Relationsship between Local Social Innovation and Welfare Reform


Bernhard Leubolt, Wagner Mromao

Socio-Ecological Innovation in Brazil

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